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Answers To Your Questions About Regenerative Cell Therapy

Our Regenerative Cell Treatment (Stem Cell Therapy) is a revolutionary breakthrough treatment option for people suffering from inflammation, reduced mobility, sports injuries, tissue and ligament damage, or chronic pain. Regenerative Cell Therapy is an injectable regenerative tissue matrix solution, that often times leaves the patient feeling relief after only ONE treatment. This cutting edge treatment takes the best components from all the current non-invasive treatment options and puts them into one.


How are regenerative cells collected?

Donors are healthy women between the ages of 18-45 years and must meet all eligibility requirements through careful medical and social history investigation.  Donors are screened for all communicable diseases.  At the time of Cesarean delivery (also known as C-section), the baby is delivered and the placenta and fluid, which are typically discarded, are cryogenically preserved.  All tissues are then tested to ensure viability and safety.  This placental tissue is collected by the medical team, with maternal consent, following strict guidelines consistent with industry best practices.


Will I need to have a painful bone marrow extraction or liposuction procedure?

No.  It is no longer necessary to perform the old “Adult Stem Cell” procedure in which the stem cells are harvested from your own body fat or from the painful and time consuming bone marrow extraction (which required multiple extractions just to collect enough viable stem cells). Clinical studies have clearly shown that the amniotic stem cells we now use are more potent and effective than adult stem cells harvested from bone marrow or fat, and they carry no antibodies that could cause any type of tissue rejection or infection. The entire process of injecting them literally takes less than 5 minutes from the time you walk in the door. And because there’s no painful extraction process, there’s virtually no “downtime” for you at all.


Is Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy safe?

Absolutely! Our Regenerative Cell Therapy is an extremely safe treatment option. Stem cell treatments have been used by ophthalmologists & plastic surgeons for over 20 years now.  Tissues are processed to the highest standards in a state-of-the-art American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) accredited facility and allografts are subjected to stringent USP testing prior to release.  For more information about our PalinGen stem cell product, please visit


What joints can be treated with Rejuvenate Georgia’s stem cell therapy?

At Rejuvenate Georgia, we can treat ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and elbows.  We are not treating spinal issues at this time.


Is more than one treatment needed?

Once a joint is repaired, there may be no need for further treatment unless a new injury occurs, or if over time, that joint degenerates again. Not every person is the same.  We pre-screen patients to assess candidacy for treatment.  In many instances, one treatment produces the desired result, but considering that every body is unique, there are instances in which more than one treatment is appropriate.  A majority of patients experience major relief from Stem Cell Therapy after only ONE treatment.


What determines the outcome of my Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy?

Various factors will determine the outcome of your Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy treatment, such as the extent of damage, disease and the location being treated. Most people respond well to this therapy option and experience relief from pain in just a short period of time.


How much downtime should I expect after Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy?

Because there’s no painful extraction process, there’s virtually no “downtime” for you at all. The entire procedure takes less than 5 minutes.  Patients are cleared for everyday activity the same day as treatment.


How long does the repair process take?

Generally, the repair process begins immediately and the good news is that it can continue to repair for up to eight additional months from the date of the initial procedure.


How often does the procedure work?

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy has amazing results on a wide range of conditions. Most people generally feel significant, if not complete relief from this non-surgical procedure. In a recent study from an amniotic manufacturer, they found that in a group of over 60 participants the average pain scale went from an 8 to a 0 in just 5 weeks for all the participants!


Can the procedure fail?

Like any other procedure there is no 100% guarantee. In certain cases and relative to the severity of your joint issue, it is possible that you may need additional treatments, which may then provide the desired result.


If the Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy does not work can I still have surgery?

Yes.  Stem Cell Therapy is a fantastic alternative to surgery, therefore many patients opt to receive this treatment FIRST, instead of going under the knife unnecessarily.  Many people turn to surgery only as a last resort.


I’m excited about this treatment!  How do I start the process?

Contact us.  If you already have a recent MRI of the affected area, send it to us.  We will send you a patient information packet including forms to fill out and submit.  We will schedule you for your stem cell injection.  You will come in on your scheduled injection day and receive treatment.  Start feeling better and better!!!


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